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    Aki Koskinen (Friday, 23 February 2024 15:49)

    Bought spring geometry and ultimate drive shaft upgrades for Pearl Eliminators. Thank you Dennis! Both are great upgrades that unleash the full potential of the pedals.

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    Davide (Thursday, 22 February 2024 15:20)

    I gave had my ACD Phantom double pedal for about a week now and I still can't believe how amazing this product is. I got the longboards with the strap drive. The response is phenomenal, thanks to the combination of spring geometry, large linear cam and the lightness of the strap. The driveshaft with its high quality bearings is so smooth they might as well be two single pedals. Every single detail about these pedals is so thoughtful and brilliant, and dare I say, sometimes even revolutionary. Even my band mates were speechless, especially the one who knows about metal artisanship and what it entails.
    I cannot recommend the Phantom enough. I will be bringing mine with me everywhere I play.

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    David Gonzales (Thursday, 22 February 2024 09:00)

    I love ACD these guys are amazing and there gear so quality you can’t go wrong I got the Direct drive and spring kit for my Tama Speed cobras what a huge difference Thank you looking forward to getting more gear from these guys and great costumer service the next day my stuff was shipped

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    Antoine (Friday, 16 February 2024 05:04)

    I just received the parcel yesterday, felt like being a child at Christmas time :D
    I'd like to SPECIALLY thank you for the extra biscuit and sweets, what a great attention to packaging !

    Then comes the pedals. And as expected, after a little quick setup, they deliver.
    Man, I don't know where to start... The overall smoothness of operation, the ease of changing every setting, the spring response... When you play 15 years with the same gear, There are details that you overlook, you're used to it. And then you decide to change, and you re-discover every little detail, it all feels different, but in a very pleasant way !
    It's so smooth and pleasant I'd strap my feet to the boards and wear 'em as shoes :D

    It lands heavier strokes than the Axis, but still you can get very fast, 250 BPM feels like a breeze.

    I still have to tinker a little bit with it to tune it perfectly, but I can already feel how qualitative it is.
    What a refreshing and phenomenal piece of hardware !!
    That's awesome and smart work you've been putting in the conception of those pedals.
    Feels like a love letter to every existing drummer :D
    Axis ? Trick drums ? Demon XR ? Dyna-Sync ...? Never heard of 'em !
    I'd safely say the ACD Phantom is the way to go.

    Thank you very much Dennis, you made another drummer whole again today :)

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    Wally (Thursday, 08 February 2024 09:29)

    Transaction is very fast and Dennis is very assistive.
    He answers all my questions about the product very fast.

    I will be using my Axis pedal using my new Ultimate Drive Shaft and Heel block while waiting for my Darwin pedals.

    Thank you very much ACD!!!!!

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    Ani (Wednesday, 07 February 2024 23:23)

    Just got the axis heel block upgrades about a week ago, such a beautifully crafted part but still so simple that it makes you think why can't the original manufacturers think of these things. Dennis is truly a lifesaver with these nifty creations. Always a pleasure to speak to him and his passion is really reflected in his work.
    Super fast shipping!! Great product!! Incredible person(Dennis)!! Can't ask for much more.


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    Marvan (Friday, 19 January 2024 22:23)

    Dennis continues to be extremely thoughtful, caring w/customers. I had a “break” between ordering & paying for order. He messaged me to see if I had an issue or got hung. Without knowing he sent links to help! Thx Dennis, much love to you & your top of the line products!

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    Dan (Thursday, 18 January 2024 10:57)

    Huge shout out the main man Dennis.

    I had some problems with the connections on my double pedal bar and he sent out replacements right away to the UK.

    The service and communication was 10/10

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    Þórður Gunnarsson (Monday, 15 January 2024 20:09)

    Ordered the ultimate driveshaft for my speedcobras and it took only 3.days to arrive from when it was shipped so very fast delivery and there was even some candy in the box!

    that driveshaft is a masterpiece was blown away with how much difference it makes from the original driveshaft and for the first time I really can’t tell the difference on the pedals both feel exactly the same

    Thank you very much Dennis and I will be ordering again

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    Erik (Friday, 12 January 2024 19:21)

    Perfect Service and high Quality product. I got longboard conversions for my lefty Tama Speed Cobra and it fits and works better than ever before.

    Thanks for the fast delivery and the Little biscuits too.

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    Kevin Lützenbürger (Monday, 25 December 2023 02:22)

    I ordered an Ultimate Driveshaft, and couldn't be happier. Delivery was good and quick, and I don't think there's further need to talk about the build quality and engineering. Absolutely flawless.

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    Wally Santos (Tuesday, 19 December 2023 08:43)

    Already had the heel block for my pedal and the performance is superb! Now I tried ordering the ultimate drive shaft with its add-on parts! Assistance and customer service is the best! Very far from the support I am having from the company where my existing pedal came from. Looking forward to get my order!

    Kudos to you Dennis and team!

    P.S. very excited on my DARWIN next year! �

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    Kyle C (Tuesday, 05 December 2023 20:06)

    Got some ACD Phantoms recently, and they can leave a man speechless. These pedals are perfect. I don't think I will ever play another pedal again. I had a Pearl Eliminator with an ACD driveshaft, and direct drive upgrade before I got the Phantoms, and they were also FANTASTIC with the upgrades from Dennis. I can say that I recommend ACD to every drummer I have met. Dennis not only is great at his work, but he is also a great person. He was fantastic to work with, and there were absolutely no issues along the way. ACD FOREVER! �

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    Dwayne B (Tuesday, 28 November 2023 11:36)

    I ordered the Speed Cobra Direct Drive conversion kit for my double pedal, and I am blown away even after setting them up for the first time. I still need to tweak my pedals a little to work the way I want, but I've noticed a difference already the improvement this has made to my pedal. The original chains feel heavier than this new conversion, I even noticed this when I was installing the new Direct Drive on my pedals, the chains just feel like dead weight.

    Before the Speed Cobra, I used an AXIS pedal that had direct drive, but I decided to buy a new Speed Cobra for the fact it had more flexibility on how I could set it up. One thing I did love about the AXIS pedals however was the direct drive. Not only has Dennis (ACD) given me the opportunity to change the Speed Cobras to a direct drive, but he also provided a VERY high quality product. You can notice the attention to detail Dennis has put into making this product, it's second to none.

    I've been drumming on and off for over 30 years now, and I can notice when something is quality, THIS IS 100% QUALITY!! I recommend ANYBODY that has a Speed/Iron Cobra pedal to look into the Direct Drive conversion for your pedal, you won't regret it.

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    Will kumar (Friday, 24 November 2023 16:47)

    Amazing products, quick delivery and phenomenal customer service. Even got some free biscuits!! Thanks so much Dennis, you legend.

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    Lucian Cioarga (Wednesday, 22 November 2023 09:13)

    A few years ago I discovered ACD unlimited, bought a midle Offset pedal and was super excited about the products and service! I immediately ordered my Darwin middle pedal and asked Dennis to change my gimbal from a pedal for cahon! Now 11/22/2023, I received a message that the double pedal Phantom is on its way! I'm super excited about all the ACD products, thank you so much Dennis for everything, you're a cool guy and a brilliant mechanical engineer!

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    Philip P. (Wednesday, 22 November 2023 07:42)

    I recently recieved my Phantoms and couldn't try them out on my drums yet, but opening the package, taking the pedals out and having a look at all the details was a joy already. Thanks also for the little handwritten notes for being careful with some screws and also the chocolate!
    Communication was really good and fast, orderingprocess rather easy and packaging was really good.

    At another point I had an issue with my cobra enhancements in the past, support from Dennis was Top service.
    I'm a really happy customer and cant wait to try out my Phantoms and find my right settings on them. Thanks Dennis and ACD!

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    Christoph (Thursday, 16 November 2023 21:37)

    The decision to switch to Darwin Pedals was the best decision of my life! Every single detail was planed and crafted with purpose and love. There’s nothing which could exceed my lovely Darwins. Thanks Dennis for everything!!!

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    Brian (Wednesday, 15 November 2023 21:36)

    I put the ACD R2 bias rods in my Trick Pro pedals this week. I’ve had them for four years and have changed beaters, footboards, shaft weights, and experimented with many different settings to change the feel. While I eventually got used to playing them, they never felt as comfortable as I would have liked. The R2s instantly improved the smoothness and the ability to control the pedals particularly at slower speeds. I was considering selling them but now they feel perfect to my feet. Dennis is a genius.

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    Jared (Friday, 10 November 2023 04:28)

    Bought the phantom double because I’ve wanted a ACD pedal for awhile now….took 3 weeks before I decided to sell every other pedal I had (axis, trick, speed cobra). I’ll only be using acd from now on. I’m excited to see what kind of interesting upgrades Dennis comes up with.

    Ps. Trust Dennis when he says strap drives are the overlooked drive method…highly recommend the strap drives. Both light and fast but also extremely smooth. They’re incredible

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    Travis Cook (Friday, 03 November 2023 06:17)


    I recently purchased the spring geometry upgrade for my Tama Iron Cobras…..and let me tell you….these are THE upgrade your pedals deserve. This parts made my iron cobras feel just as responsive as a direct drive pedal with a super easy instal.

    ALSO the shipping on these items were INSANELY FAST! Coming to the USA I expected it to take some time to get here…I was wrong took a whole 4 days. 100% buying these for every pedal I own from now on.

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    Gregory Belzley (Monday, 30 October 2023 12:47)

    I recently ordered a pair of N+1 beaters and a strap conversion for my Speed Cobra double pedals. Dennis combined the order for shipping and saved me $28. That kind of customer service is very rare. And its really cool dealing directly with someone who is devoted to creating the world's best bass drum pedal. Dennis and his product really have my interest, and you can't help but want to support a great engineer and a businessman who really cares about his customers.

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    Flynn (Saturday, 28 October 2023 17:28)

    Direct drive conversion for the speed cobras are fantastic and incredibly easy to install.
    The ultimate drive shaft is absolutely insane, best response and balance I have ever seen from a slave pedal.
    Also very fast response and shipping time, you're a legend Dennis!

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    Ron Mai (Thursday, 26 October 2023 23:37)

    Having ordered some auxiliary parts while I await the arrival of my Darwin Middle pedals, I received the beaters that will accentuate my Axis and aforementioned Darwin’s.
    The n+1 beaters are truly a work of art, as are all the acquisitions from ACD. The machining, and finish are top notch, belonging in a gallery.
    Dennis is involved, a good communicator, hard working, and well deserving of my business
    Thanks to ACD for the products they produce, and pride they convey to their industry… So glad I landed on ACD.

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    Marthyn (Thursday, 19 October 2023 14:13)

    High quality products and shipping the same day... you are amazing.
    Thx alot, Marthyn

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    Steven Wolfie Suwanasung (Saturday, 07 October 2023 18:02)

    i got the long board kit for the iron cobra and WOW holy SH*t they dont even feel like the same pedals!!! now nomatter where i put my foot it can play. i used to have missed triggers with the factory foot boards(not sure why) and with the new long boards that is not an issue anymore. if anyone is on the fence about getting the long board conversion DO IT and thank Denis later!

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    Kjetil Hammerseth (Thursday, 05 October 2023 08:37)

    Always a pleasure shopping from Dennis. Best service there is.

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    Antonio Rey (Wednesday, 04 October 2023 09:44)

    Excellent service yet again, highly recommended as always!

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    Kevin C (Monday, 25 September 2023 22:58)

    Fantastic customer service as well as fantastic products! I have my pedals upgraded with these springs, beaters and drive shaft and they're all so much better than the manufacturer ones. I'll definitely be back and will recommend to others!

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    Gabor Toth (Thursday, 07 September 2023 17:13)

    I forgot to mention a very important thing! The previous twin pedals has strained every time the outside of my ankle with more excessive double bass training and I had to wait at least 2 days regeneration to try again. These pedals do not do that at all! Just this fact in itself was well worth purchasing the Phantom pedals to me.

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    Gabor Toth (Thursday, 07 September 2023 17:09)

    The ACD 2 single Phantom pedals has arrived today! They are amazing, very much different feel, and for the first time ever in my drumming life, I was able to match the left side setup with the right! So much configuration options on these - and those can be done easily. Can't wait to try out and compare the drirect drive with strap and vice versa. :)
    The pedals immediataly helped to get better balance with my double bass drumming learning and also I was able to do lower bpm-s with the ankle technique, which I never could with my old pedals.
    Thank you Dennis!

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    Ron Mai (Wednesday, 06 September 2023 17:04)

    The ACD process of ordering may seem somewhat complicated at first glance.
    Ordering a replacement drive line for my Axis Pedals could not have been easier. Dennis interfaced during the fulfillment process, and I was impressed with his involvement. The order was on its way in a couple of days, from beginning to end less than a week from initiating, to install.
    Great company, I’m now looking to the double left Darwin line for a new set of pedals. ACD has many upgrade solutions for existing equipment that I am also interested in…

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    Erik Moulder (Thursday, 31 August 2023 23:30)

    Recently purchased the shirt, r2 bias rods, and spring upgrades for my trick pro-v1 pedals and instantly felt better to me than stock! The shirt is amazing quality too and I wish I ordered more!

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    Jaakko Vilenius (Wednesday, 23 August 2023 20:26)

    Been messing around for a couple of hours with the axis heel upgrade and for everyone thinking if they should buy it or not I'd say go for it. Pedal feels absolutely smoother than before and some techniques that had me struggling earlier came way easier with the upgrade. Customer service also seems to be top of the line, didn't have any trouble with anything after ordering. Thanks!

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    Johannes Westendorf (Thursday, 03 August 2023 12:46)

    Up to now I'm using the following products from ACD (in order of order ;-))
    - Ultimate Driveshaft (to replace the original one from my Speed Cobra which broke)
    - Gamechanger Triggers (to fit them onto the Speed Cobra)
    - Speed Cobra DD conversion kit
    - Phantom Righty Double Pedal (what can I say - best pedal I've ever played!)
    + Gamechanger Triggers (for the Phantoms)
    Every product is uniquely best in perfection. Especially the Phantom simply is a piece of art in mechanical engineering. On top of that Dennis is a very nice and humble person who cares about his customers most. Thank you for your excellence and I'm hoping for many more years and decades to come!

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    Arpad Fako (Saturday, 22 July 2023 14:19)

    Dennis Namesnik - an excellent person. ACD products - world class products.
    Life is good!

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    Alexander Papadopoulos (Friday, 21 July 2023 10:32)

    Was kann ich sagen. Ich kenne Dennis Arbeit von Beginn an. Genau wie bei den Trick Upgrades oder seinen Pedalen. Dieser Mann, nimmt die Probleme der Großen Firmen und macht innovative Lösungen!
    Lieferung ist immer Planmäßig und der Service im Falle von Schäden ebenfalls top!

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    Nathan (Wednesday, 12 July 2023 19:17)

    I ordered a pair of "Dynamic Beaters" (standard felt) for my double pedal, and immediately noticed a change in the feel of my pedal. Contact with the bass drum head feels much more direct and balanced, unlike the stock beaters I had used prior. Though I did notice a slight amount of peeling at the edge, it was quickly rectified with a bit of pressure to the area (and the hot weather seems to be to blame). Thankfully, Dennis also included a pair of replacement felt pads as well.

    This was a great experience—quick shipment and delivery, precise craftsmanship, and even a complimentary biscuit! Thanks again to Dennis for everything.

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    Alex Millard (Tuesday, 11 July 2023 21:11)

    I cannot wait to receive my beaters and driveshaft. Customer Service is beyond top notch. I hope to order a Darwin eventually!

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    Luca van Weerden (Thursday, 22 June 2023 00:29)

    Just years ago we discovered a great person, who made upgrades for various drumpedals. We ordered an Acd strap. Subsequently, our young drummer saved and bought a double bassdrumpedal from standard brand, however that played cumbersome and was asked of this father. The older ACD-strap, and oversized and high speed bearings were fitted. And another beater, which played a lot better. However Dennis designed a cool drum pedal.... Our young drummer wanted this pedal, but turned out to be priceless for him.... So he ordered an extra strap, and beaters from Dennis. That turned out to be a huge improvement. But that cool pedal kept beckoning. A long time later our son suddenly started saving money hard..... He had read something on Dennis' page. If only that could be affordable for him....? He saved and worked for only one thing. Until I got home for a while.... He enthusiastically showed me a pedal. Phantom! When the pedal was available, it was ordered, unfortunately just too late. But even now Dennis turned out to have an 'unlimited' heart. What a awesome guy !

    A box was delivered today. Was there a good pedal in it? No, and not a hyped pedal from brand x either. But we did see a cookie, and under the cardboard we saw something that was eye-catchingly beautiful. Once unpacked, the young drummer was staring at this splendour....
    As a technician, I watched what a quality and solidity radiates from that.
    With big happy eyes, the beater and pedal was mounted and the young drummer started playing. When I asked if the phantom's pedals played well, he shook his head. I looked surprised... Grinning our son said; “This is not awesome, but even better. I should have bought this pedal right away! What a different feeling, as if the beater is on your foot. Quick and easy to play.” No cumbersome feeling either, no delay. You don't even need extreme spring tension. “There seems to be even more sound coming out of the bass drum. The superlative of 'Awesome,' according to the young drummer.
    Dear Dennis, what a beautiful pedal, and also so very good to play. The finish is so hugely good. Clearly visible that Dennis have made an even better pedal, with less adjustments, but Dennis certainly made with out any concessions anywhere. Top class! Even simple small details in the laser engraving are clearly visible. Wow.

    No comments..? Yes but less important; we are looking forward to a suitcase for this showpiece. And maybe a Phantom hi-hat in the future. But first Dennis will have to provide the other patient fans with his great pedals. The young drummer here waits patiently, enjoys the cookie and plays with a huge smile for the first time on his long-desired Acd-unlimited pedals. With his name and year of birth subtly laser engraved into his phantoms.

    Thank you Dennis, these are pedals for life!

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    Kyle C (Wednesday, 14 June 2023 23:06)

    Just got the Direct Drive conversion for my eliminators. Amazing product man! As always! I have every upgrade possible for my eliminators now except for longboards. I recommend ACD to EVERYONE! My pedals feels so smooth thanks to Dennis. He's a nice dude, and takes care of his customers! Next, to get some Darwins! :)
    P.s The chocolate and sunglasses were dope!!

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    Tommy Resch (Thursday, 08 June 2023 11:51)

    I've had the pedals since 2018. A technical masterpiece!
    Product plus service are perfect and custom-made products are possible.
    Many thanks to Dennis!!!

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    Robert B. (Monday, 05 June 2023 06:21)

    Yes, as the last comment said, please don't forget your first customers. We would like them back.
    Thanks, from a 40 year old pearl enthusiast. :))

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    Anon (Monday, 05 June 2023 06:02)

    Love ACD, my only complaint is I wish that we could get longboards back. Been waiting for quite some time. (Close to a year.)
    Great products, quality. (Remember us old timers from back in the day please!)
    Sincerely, a tama and pearl player.

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    Devin L (Friday, 02 June 2023 06:56)

    I've been wanting to upgrade my axis pedals for a while. The new ACD heel blocks are a massive improvement in playability and speed. I definitely recommend them if your into axis pedals. Shipped super fast too.
    Thanks for the chocolate.�

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    Jason Borton (Friday, 12 May 2023 20:01)

    I scored a gig filling in for a tour and simultaneously my drive shaft gave out. Dennis shipped a new drive shaft out to me the next day, problem solved! Amazing customer service and response!

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    Kyle C (Saturday, 22 April 2023 13:39)

    Dennis was AMAZING! Easy to talk to, and a great guy! Love my driveshaft! Will be buying more from this man. Also, Dennis sent chocolate from Austria! Who else does that?! Phenomenal 5/5 or 10/10 however you'd like to call it! ACD will be the only brand I buy from here on out!

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    Julian Osterried (Tuesday, 18 April 2023 11:52)

    I ordered a double pedal (direct drive), a strap drive conversion, some triggers, and several other little things and i´m allways 1000 percent happy with ACD-unlimited.
    The shipment is fast, Dennis is a genius in his work, i allways call him the
    "Leonardo da Vinci of drums" when i talk about all the perfectly designed stuff he made.
    He put in a lot of hours to get the perfect "holy grail of drums" and could help you out instantly, if you have a problem or questions.

    I´m a customer since 2018 and i´m satisfied with every part i get.
    I love the "small" business and hope you have some breaks from time to time because of that.
    Best regards und Viele Grüße,

    Julian O.

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    antonio de braga (Tuesday, 11 April 2023 03:26)

    Wow received my n+1beaters with mrs Muff disc I use on my e-drums for noise it works very good and the feels of those beaters are awesome and the chocolate too � thank you Dennis you rock !!!!

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    Tyler "Swampman" (Friday, 07 April 2023 02:02)

    I bought a pair of Axis pedals a year ago, but the stock driveshaft is so miserable I went back to my beginner pedals. My ACD upgrade shaft arrived in two days, with chocolate! More importantly, my left pedal finally feels like the right. I'll definitely be buying a pair of pedals from Dennis in the future.