The Ultimate Longboard Conversion is a plug and play solution to turn your current pedal into a longboard monster. The kit comes with everything you need and the conversion is done in minutes. 

- single pedal conversion 
- turns your short board into a long board
- exchanges the whole footboard including the hinge part
- incl. a new hinge part with an adapter plate
- ball bearing supported hinge part for a smooth run
- ready to play within minutes
- set includes everything you need for a single pedal

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Drive Shaft

Many stock DriveShafts bring lots of problems when playing drums with them for longer periods of time. I acknowledged that and reacted by engineering a more massive, accurate but still lightweight drive shaft for which fits most stock pedals. 


Get your Drive Shaft here: ONLINESHOP


- CNC machined high quality aluminium parts

- 8 strong ball bearings for a smooth transition of force

- Pure symmetrical double bass performance

- Steplessly adjustable DriveShaft length

- and much more...



Dynamic Beater - pick your options!

CNC machined aircraft aluminium body in black or natural finish. 
Heavy or lightweight exchangeable disc, with a wood or felt surface! Thanks to its unique geometry, the longer front part and a balanced medium weight, the Dynamic Beater provides the best performance for your bass drum pedal.


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Head with shaft, light surface,  without body weight 69g 
Head with shaft, light surface, body weight 78g

Head with shaft, heavy surface, without body weight 87g
Head with shaft, heavy surface, body weight 96g


Beater Shifter

There's a huge difference in performance if a beater hits the drumhead at its highest point or if it has to over-rotate. This upgrade fits in the beater hole of any pedal. The beater can be mounted in one of the two additional holes the Beater Shifter offers, which brings it closer to the drumhead. Additionally the Beater Shifter works great as a reference point in case you like to remove the beaters for transportation. 


Get your Beater Shifter here: ONLINESHOP 

Direct Drive Kit

The conversion improves the feeling and movement of your Tama HP900/910 model!


The Kit comes with everything you need and the conversion is done in minutes.



Check out the video below to see how it's done!

Get your DD-Kit here: ONLINESHOP

Strap Drive

The Strap offers more smoothness and less gyrating mass in comparison to a chain. Also, the belt is more flexible – it bends, but doesn’t stretch.


The belt was developed in collaboration with a German strap producer. It’s made of a thin mixture of nylon and kevlar and features a layer of neoprene on its support surface. The strap is smooth, high-tensile and absolutely wear-free


Get your Strap-Kit here: ONLINESHOP

Heel Block Upgrade for Axis

The Heel Block Upgrade is a quick and simple solution to get your pedal back on track if it just doesn't feel right!


- replaces the weak stock heel block

- no play for a smooth performance
- 4x ball bearing supported 
- converted within minutes
- fits all Axis Longboard generations

Get your Heel Block here: ONLINESHOP

Low Block Upgrade for Axis

With the lowblock you‘re able to play a longer beater throw in combination with still a pretty low footboard setting as many of you wished. The kit also includes an extra adapter plate to get the board even one more step lower!

The kit includes:

- main block

- mounting screws

- optional adapter plate

Get your Low Block here: ONLINESHOP

Hoop Clamp Upgrade for Trick Pro 1-V & Bigfoot

This hoop clamp is a great replacement and improves the passive performance by offering pure stability.


- replaces the stock hoop clamp

- great stability, no sliding anymore

- safe and secure fit between rubber supports

- spikes for extra support of the main, and slave pedal

- converted within minutes

- fits Trick Pro 1-V and Bigfoot


Get your Hoop Clamp here: ONLINESHOP