Here you'll find my answers to frequently asked questions and probably a few additional informations. 

Ideally you are certain of your choice when placing an order. If you need further information or specific advice, feel free to get in touch with me anytime.

Where can I test your products?

The best and easiest way is to reach out to me, tell me the product you are interested in and your location. Ideally I can hook you up with one of my supporters who are spread all over the world.


Otherwise, you always have a ~14 days test period on purchased products. I won't force anyone to stick with a product if it doesn't fulfill the expected feeling or improvement. In this unlikely case please contact me to arrange everything.

Where can I find prices?

All prices to my currently offered products and their options are shown in the onlineshop. The currency is in € (EUR). If you want to convert it to your local currency, I recommend to use an online currency converter, such as https://www.xe.com/en/.

Paypal and Stripe (Credit Card) will show you the total amount in EURO and your currency and ask for your final approval.

How to place an order?

Usually, the onlineshop works fine. If you do have any problems during the checkout process or a special request, feel free to contact me to proceed manually. 

As payment options I'm able to offer the following:
Bank Transfer (payment in advance)
Credit Card (via. Stripe)

Is there any warranty?

All products come with a lifetime warranty, except for wear parts such as springs or beater discs. Please know that you always have my full support, regardless of when the product was purchased! In case of an unexpected problem I will only ask to cover the shipping costs if spares are necessary.

What, no free shipping?

In an ideal world, delivery would be free. But this is the real world, and you should know by now nothing is for free. The cost of delivery has to be picked up by someone, and to offer free delivery would only mean a percentage increase in product prices to cover this cost.


I only charge the true costs for shipping, which depends on your location. The final amount will be applied automatically during the checkout process, once the shipping address is known in step 2 in the process. All orders are shipped via UPS with the exception of a few very remote locations, here I use our national mailing service.

Austria €5
EU €12-16 
International €20-30

How long does an order take to be processed?

The availability is shown in the first line of each product description. If it's in stock, I'm able to assemble your order within 3-4 days. Shipping via UPS usually takes 2-4 business days within the EU and 3-6 business days international. 


If you do need anything super urgent, feel free to reach out to me. If it's possible, I'm always happy to prioritize an order and arrange express shipping (if you are willing to cover the additional shipping costs)

Why does it take longer than a day?

The answer is simple, I only have two hands and the same amount of time in a day as you.
The demand is high and I do my best to fulfill orders and requests as soon as possible. However, this has lead to the tendency that I usually need about 3-4 business days (MO-FR) to proceed.


Please be aware, that I get between 20-50 messages a day and I do allow myself to respond within 2-3 business days in order to be able to actually work on projects and orders as well.
Due to negative experiences, I kindly ask you to be respectful to each other. There are no life-threatening situations in my business and in my opinion no need to treat other people inappropriately. If anything urgent comes up, please leave the note "URGENT" in the subject and I'll do what's possible to help you out!

Do you have a store?

I don't have a physical store and I'm not a retailer. My philosophy with ACD is maybe a bit different compared to others (About). However, if you find yourself in the area of Graz, AUSTRIA by accident and want to say hello, just let me know - tea and coffee are always ready ;-)