Find some unique and special offers here. From time to time, I go through my inventory and decide to let certain things such as prototypes, experimental upgrades or refurbished hardware go.
Also this place will be used to offer some special creations like the limited edition Darwin Silvercut Double Pedal! 


As usual, if you have any questions or there's anything else I can do for you, please let me konw.


Darwin FTW Double Pedal + HiHat Stand *CUSTOM ANODIZED*


This is something very special! Unfortunately, the customer who originally ordered this setup has decided not to take it, so its now looking for a warm and comfortable place ;-)

This is the very first and currently only setup featuring a custom anodized Darwin double pedal & matching HiHat stand. Pedal and HiHat are based on the latest Darwin generation featuring all well known options. The only difference is, that several parts have received a custom red anodizing finish.

It's hard to capture the color in the picture, depending on the angle and light, the color can vary, from dark red, to "lava red" up to a touch of orange.


- 1x Darwin FTW HiHat Stand (Custom anodized in Lava Red)
- 1x Darwin FTW Double Pedal 
(Custom anodized in Lava Red)

- Shortboard Setup (longboard setup also possible, just let me know)

- Direct Drive (Strap Drive setup optional possible, just let me know)
- Including Dynamic Beater (POM surfaces)
- Hardcase for Double Pedal

- Full support & lifetime warranty (as usual ;-))
- (price for both, pedals and HiHat stand)


If you have any questions about this specific pedal or if there's anything else I can do for you, just let me know. 

For more information please follow this link: DARWIN FTW

Darwin Silvercut Double Pedal - LIMITED EDITION
2.100,00 €

1.760,00 €

  • Sold out, sorry guys!




A customer who has purchased a Darwin FTW Silvercut edition by the end of last year asked if it is possible to get a matching SILVERCUT (assembled from raw, untreated parts) HiHat stand.

Considering the very limited demand and the total number of Darwin FTW SILVERCUT pedals, I decided to machine a few extra parts between the regular work in order to create this very special unit. This is the 2nd of two units in total, that is still available. If anyone's looking for a compact, shiny and travel-friendly HiHat stand, or something special to match the rare Darwin FTW SILVERCUT double pedal, here's the chance ;-)

A compact and travel-friendly solution at just 2200g (4 lb 16 oz)





595,00 €

  • Limited Availability
  • IN STOCK - ready within 3-4 days


Darwin Travel HiHat *USED*

A rare chance to grab the lightest and most travel-firendly HiHat out there. Only a few units made and all sold out quickly.  Since the current owner has decided to go for a remote HiHat setup, this one is looking for a new home.

It's barley used Darwin Travel HiHat is currently located in Germany, (I'll arrange shipping accordingly). Mint condition with full warranty and support. 

if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

595,00 €

450,00 €

  • Limited Availability
  • IN STOCK - ready within 3-4 days