Darwin HiHat

The DARWIN HiHat Series

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The Darwin Remote HiHat

The foundation of the remote HiHat is very similar to the regular Darwin. The base plate, footboard, footboard adjustment and main pillar are the same. 

Pedal Part

The difference starts with the connection from the main unit to the cable. Unlike the regular version there are no threads, just a simple "hook & play" solution to connect the moving HiHat with the footboard. The remote version also comes with a pair of retractable legs that can be pulled out from the base plate in case additional support is required.


Both ends of the cable feature a quick release mechanism that allows to attach and remove the HiHat and the pedal  from the cable easily. This allows to an easy and compact transport solution but also offers to swap out the cable for a longer or shorter version if required. 

HiHat Part

The top part is also based on the regular Darwin HiHat, minimized to the essentials. It offers the same features, including a retractable pulling rod. The result is a travel friendly Cable Hat at with a total weight of 2000 grams that almost fits in a pocket.


One of the toughest details on any cable HiHat is, you guessed it, the cable itself. The biggest problem is just friction.

I experimented with lots of different options, literally everything I could find and finally met a partner in the mountain bike industry who's developing high performance braking and shifting cables.


The special design protects the cable and housing from dirt or anything else that can cause friction. But because the liner runs the full length of the cable, a specially developed cable coating and lube are used to keep friction to a minimum.