The Phantom

Details and more informations will follow soon!

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Why a 2nd pedal is a question I get frequently these days - "you already offer the Darwin and therefore a great pedal"

The idea for the phantom developed over many years. 

The Darwin is simply a pedal designed without any adjustment compromises - you can go really crazy on that. The thing is, that, besides the amount and complexity of parts, it takes quite some time and effort to finish each pedal. On the other hand, this makes the Darwin the pedal it is and I do not want to sacrifice any of this pedal's possibilities just to expand or outsource certain steps (which is also not in my interest).


Everybody who's interested in my work deserves to get a product with the highest possible quality and service standard and this will remain my top priority.

The Phantom is a pedal that is supposed to fill the gap between the Darwin and the upgrades I offer for 3rd party pedals. 


It's quite a bit easier to machine, assemble and allows me to not only offer it at a more competitive price point but also to potentially keep a little inventory and maybe be able to offer it without the necessity of a long waiting list.


Considering what is offered by the "big ones" these days for way too much money, the Phantom seems almost to be a "budget" option (which is crazy since it is already a lot of money.

The philosophy behind this one is to offer a simple pedal with the same well-balanced performance of the Darwin in its basic setup.


The Phantom will still provide all basic adjustment options (beater & footboard angle, spring tension,..) along with a symmetrical layout (in a double pedal configuration) as well as a dedicated true left and right pedal. Having a simple and more affordable option with the same quality standards as all the other gear I‘m offering seems to be on the bucket list for a lot of you and I hope the Phantom could be the option worth considering.


While the Darwin allows all adjustments and beyond without any compromise being the most versatile solution I‘m able to offer, the Phantom has simplicity in mind offering „just“ the basic adjustments without sacrificing quality or performance.


The Phantom was designed with the Darwin’s strap drive geometry in mind since it is the most versatile, powerful, harmonic option without sacrifice any speed or performance (people need to give it a chance ;-)). But there might will be an adaptive DirectDrive option available in the long run allowing to order a pedal either in strap or direct drive AND the ability to easily convert between both options.


Similar to the Darwin the double pedal can be separated into two full grown single pedals by simply removing the driveshaft and moving one of the beater to the other pedal.

The slave beater assembly can be easily removed or adapted on a later point. This offers the option to easily convert the phantom from a righty to s lefty double pedal or expand a single pedal to a double pedal at a later point.


The Phantoms come without any hard case, these things are always challenging for small quantities within a small business. But it fits in any commercially available drum pedal bag from the large retailers. The Hard case I offer is currently specifically made for Darwins. A Phantom specific had case is in development and will be available as an additional option around summer of 2024.