DARWIN Availability

The main philosophy behind ACD Unlimited has always been to support musicians wherever it is possible. I really appreciate the direct dialog with musicians in a small environment. This has proven to be the right way for me and ACD

With that in mind, you can imagine, that I'm only able to build a limited amount of pedals within a certain time. 
To be more transparent I've created this list. You can check the current availability and expected delivery date. 

Each *Available*-slot stands for an available single, double, or middle pedal. I maintain this list frequently and reserve each purchased pedal with the initials of the future owner. If you have any questions or if there's anything else I can do for you, just let me know.

*List updated December 4th 2023

Group 2 (Scheduled Late April 2023) (all Shipped)

T.Z. Double Pedal

M.W. Double Pedal

N.P. Double Pedal

M.D. Middle Pedal

K.R. Double Pedal
H.S. Middle Pedal

A.F. Double Pedal

B.B. Double Pedal

T.T. 2x Single Pedal

G.A. Double Pedal

D.Z. Double Pedal
J.P. Double Pedal

S.M. Double Pedal
M.P. Middle Pedal

G.M. Single Pedal

S.T. Double Pedal

M.K. Double Pedal

C.R. Double Pedal

U.A. Double Pedal

K.K. Middle Pedal

A.M. Double Pedal

As of May/June the output will be reduced – one pedal per week

In order to pay more attention to my health and well-being, I’m forced to reduce the production output, especially pedal production, to gradually “get my life back” (videos with more details will follow within the next days).


Sadly, one side effect of the rising popularity of my work is the amount of of questionable people who become aware of my business and offerings - it looks like this is an "internet & social media" thing. Often the lag of most fundamental knowledge makes communicating hard and very strange. This is not only difficult but also takes up 60% of my working hours atm (clearly exceeding 40h/week) and is "stealing" time for "those" who at least partially know what they are looking for and I'd love to spend time with them. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate communicating and interacting with you guys in general. Still, I can not spend hours replying to very basic and fundamental, mostly irrelevant things since unfortunately this doesn't pay any bills and somehow I'm still running a business. 

Unfortunately, agreements based on goodwill and eye level are recently also gotten more and more exploited and often resulted in a lot of stress and costs that could have been easily avoided if I had said no from the beginning. As an example I offered to make some small additional customized parts (extra tall heel risers for example) and modifications to an ordered Darwin free of charge). If such things didn't work out (which was a clearly communicated possible outcome) I faced some "I'm the customer and I'm always right since I have paid for everything (no you clearly have not) and therefore I can make you my slave for customized options" people.


Other things, such as questionable attacks on a public level from certain Polish and American manufacturers with the intention to forcefully and publically drag my reputation to the ground might be "entertaining and charming" but are mostly unnecessary and quite stupid.


A few years ago this was very different (I had a lot of fun working and starting new projects, and everyone had a good time) and I really appreciate the amount of cool people I get to know because of my job. Typically, “my customers” were, and still are, as nerdy as I am, find joy in fascinating stuff and are interested in everything having to do with drums. Naturally, I feel very sorry that these 95% of people have to “suffer” because of 5% of questionable people who unfortunately only waste my time and energy. Everyone who is able to communicate and behave respectfully on a very basic level is always more than welcome to write me a message. But for everything and everyone else I don’t have the time and energy anymore to be absolutely honest.


For example, I unfortunately cannot offer any advice concerning questions like “What pedal brand to buy at shop xyz” or “Which upgrade should I buy – I don’t really know what I want in general".

I’m afraid I also lack the time to philosophise for hours and filling pages about “irrelevant subjects” (such as “my teacher thinks this and that”, “what do you think of xyz musician/product/technique”, “you know, my divorce was very tough…” or some weird conspiracy theories and/or very personal issues, etc.). This works when sitting over a cup of coffee with a few guys, but not with hundreds of people.


Of course, questions or suggestions or orders via mail are always welcome, and I’m glad to help wherever I'm able to.


This shop will be changed and simplified within the next weeks.



For the Darwin pedal there will be pre-configured setups to select, alternatively it will be possible to fill out an order form to download for more unconventional setup combinations. Over the year the quantity of pedals will be reduced to one pedal per week, which will then be available for pre-order.


Unfortunately, the individual colour combinations will be discontinued. For this, I only asked for and passed on the (steep) price charged by the anodizing facility, simultaneously I had to put up with “chasing after people” to find out their preferred colour design more than often. Exception: If, based on an already existing combination, you know exactly which colour combination you want and how it should look, I’m glad to take care of it (additional costs are currently about €300 per setup).


Phantom pedal, upgrades & general accessories:

To date, all upgrades and accessories were listed as “in stock” and “available”, so long as the parts (ready to be assembled) were in stock – and parts were assembled according to incoming orders. As of 2023, these products will only be listed as “in stock” and “available” when they have been assembled and are ready to ship. The same applies to the Phantom pedal, which should be released in spring and will be a simplified and “low-cost” alternative to the Darwin pedal.


- By then, I will not be able to take any pre-orders for upgrades anymore, since this would be tied to a lot of stress and limitations for myself I'd like to try to avoid. When a product is in stock again after a little waiting period, a newsletter will be sent. - The newsletter will also be my main source of communication and sharing new Information.

Week 22 Double Pedal V.P. *SHIPPED*

Week 23 Double Pedal F.T. *SHIPPED*

Week 24 Double Pedal O.G. *SHIPPED*

Week 25 Double Pedal J.B. *SHIPPED*


Week 28 Double Pedal P.T. *SHIPPED*

Week 29 Double Pedal M.H. *SHIPPED*

Week 30 Double Pedal B.B *SHIPPED*

Week 31 Double Pedal H.L. *SHIPPED*


Week 32 Double Pedal J.B. *SHIPPED*

Week 33 Double Pedal K.C *SHIPPED*

Week 34 Double Pedal N.L.*SHIPPED*

Week 35 Single Pedal R.S. *SHIPPED*


Week 36 Double Pedal J.C. *SHIPPED*

Week 37 Double Pedal S.W. *SHIPPED*

Week 38 Double Pedal M.D. *SHIPPED*

Week 39 S.E. Middle Pedal *SHIPPED*


Week 40 R.L. Single Pedal *SHIPPED*

Week 41 P.S. Double Pedal *SHIPPED*

Week 42 A.B. Double Pedal *SHIPPED*

Week 43 D.N. 2x Single Pedal *SHIPPED*


Week 44 L.W. Double Pedal *SHIPPED*

Week 45 H.J.H. Double Pedal *SHIPPED*

Week 46 A.E. Double Pedal *SHIPPED*

Week 47 J.Y.K Double Pedal *SHIPPED*


Week 48 J.C. Double Pedal

Week 49 S.C. Middle Pedal

Week 50 J.M. Double Pedal
Week 51 C.W. Double Pedal

Week 52 M.B. Double Pedal


Week 3 G.P. Double Pedal

Week 3 M.S. Double Pedal

Week 4 M.K. Single Pedal

Week 4 N.S. Double Pedal


Week 5 A.M. Double Pedal

Week 5 R.B. Double Pedal

Week 6 M.M. Middle Pedal

Week 6 P.P. Double Pedal

Week 7 G. G. Double Pedal

Week 7 M.K. Double Pedal

Week 8 E.O. Middle Pedal

Week 8 N.O. Double Pedal


Week 9 D. E. Middle Pedal

Week 9 M.T. Double Pedal

Week 10 Y. B. Double Pedal

Week 10 R.L. Double Pedal
Week 11 C.S. Double Pedal

Week 11 M.G. Double Pedal
Week 12 K. H. Double Pedal
Week 12 A. D. Double Pedal


Week 13 S.M. Double Pedal
Week 13 B.S. 2x Single Pedal

Week 14 R.T. Double Pedal

Week 14 M.D. 2x Single Pedal
Week 15 M.D. 2x Single Pedal

Week 15 I.G. Double Pedal
Week 16 E.B. Double Pedal

Week 16 J.C. Single Pedal


Week 17 M.N. Double Pedal
Week 17 J.A. Middle Pedal

Week 18 D.V. Double Pedal

Week 18 R.V. Double Pedal

Week 19 R.C. Double Pedal

Week 19 M.R. Middle Pedal

Week 20 B.M.D. Double Pedal

Week 20 P.Z.S. Middle Pedal


Week 21 K.M. Double Pedal
Week 21 B.M. Double Pedal
Week 22 M.K. Double Pedal
Week 22 R.H. Double Pedal
Week 23 A.K. Double Pedal
Week 23 N.D. 2x Single
Week 24 F.C. Double Pedal
Week 24 T.R. Single Pedal


Week 25 L.B. Double Pedal

Week 25 A.G. Double Pedal

Week 26 T.M. Single Pedal

Week 26 S.D. Double Pedal

Week 27 J.C. Double Pedal

Week 27 D.H. Double Pedal

Week 28 G.T. Double Pedal

Week 28 S.R. Double Pedal


Week 31 K.G. Double Pedal

Week 31 D.O. Double Pedal

Week 32 J.G. Double Pedal

Week 32 D.B. Double Pedal


Week 33 B.Z. Middle Pedal

Week 33 L.B. Single Pedal

Week 34 T.G. Single Pedal

Week 34 B.B. Double Pedal

Week 35 S.P. 2x Double Pedal

Week 35 A.S. Double Pedal

Week 36 J.V.G. Single Pedal

Week 36 H.B. Double Pedal


Week 37 R.M. Middle Pedal

Week 37 J.P. Double Pedal 

Week 38 S.S. Double Pedal

Week 38 P.B. Double Pedal

Week 39 M.S. Double Pedal

Week 39 S.N. Double Pedal

Week 40 P.B. Double Pedal

Week 40 M.L. Double Pedal


Week 41 S.T. Double Pedal

Week 41 L.H. Double Pedal

Week 42 M.B. Double Pedal

Week 42 A.F. Double Pedal

Week 43 S.C. Middle Pedal

Week 43 S.M. 2x Single Pedal

Week 44 K.C. Double Pedal

Week 44 R.U. Double Pedal


Week 45 S.B. Double Pedal

Week 45 T.J. Double Pedal

Week 46 S.F. Double Pedal

Week 46 S.F. Double Pedal

Week 47 A.K. Double Pedal

Week 47 A.L. Double Pedal

Week 48 S.R. Double Pedal

Week 48 E.B. Double Pedal


Week 49 R.G. Double Pedal

Week 49 F.R. Double Pedal


Week 4 R.L. Double Pedal

Week 4 J.P. Double Pedal


Week 5 J.P. Middle Pedal

Week 5 I.P. Double Pedal

Week 6 P.N. Double Pedal

Week 6 C.K. Double Pedal

Week 7 A.M. Double Pedal