The Idea

It’s been ACD’s goal from the very start to forge a new path and make things happen that haven’t necessarily been done before to offer original and fresh solutions for drums and drum hardware. Not to be different at any cost but simply to get the best performance out of our products. Great efforts are taken to produce in house and independently. That often means crafting our own tools and machines off the beaten path. These ideas are constantly evolving and fresh ideas come into the mix all the time that are waiting to be put in action.

The mission statement is to fulfil our customer s’ requests and build instruments and hardware that will last at least a lifetime.


Wood is an ingenious resource

All of it started during my training to become a carpenter in 2010. It was at that time that the idea blossomed to build drum related products myself. The Idea took shape and first prototypes were build. Already then it was clear what is possible and what is not but if an idea wasn’t working out giving up was not an option.

Through trial and error the ideas evolved and new ones replaced the ones that were not working before. That is still the case. This was the birth of the first snare drums and smaller projects.

Because of circumstances I changed my profession shortly before completing my training and started my apprenticeship to become a technician for machine tools that I completed in 2015. This time sharpened my sense of precision. Spending every day all day with parts that are manufactured with next to zero tolerance rubs off. During this apprenticeship I was also able to gain experience in handling and working with aluminium and synthetic materials. 



Trained carpenter & mechanical engineer

  • Production
  • Consultation
  • Preparation
  • Customer service 


The dog everybody needs

  • Customer service


The other dog everybody needs

  • Head of the motivation department