It’s been ACD’s goal from the very start to forge a new path and make things happen that haven’t necessarily been done before to offer original and fresh solutions for drums and drum hardware. Not to be different at any cost but simply to get the best performance out of our products. Great efforts are taken to produce in house and independently. That often means crafting our own tools and machines off the beaten path. These ideas are constantly evolving and fresh ideas come into the mix all the time that are waiting to be put in action.


The mission statement is to fulfil our customer s’ requests and build drumming soutions that will last at least a lifetime.


Trained carpenter & mechanical engineer

  • "the guy behind ACD"


The dog everybody needs

  • Head of the motivation department


The other dog everybody needs

  • Head of customer care 


Have I mentioned that dogs are great?

  • Former head of customer care
  • now taking care of my parents in law ;-)