Archery is what I do in my freetime. Considering my job working on upgrades mainly for drum pedals other developers, I have recently experienced some issues with my archery equipment and started working on solutions, or at least my attempt ;-)

T-Block Upgrade (Pair) for W&W Risers



- one set contains two T-Blocks to upgrade one riser
NOTE: MAX. 85% of the maximal Tiller Setting is possible (if the limb bolt is too far in, depending on the brand and geometry. T
he stainless section of the block can interfere with the limb and It could not rest on the brass part of the T-Block)


I experienced some issues with the limb alignment system of my ATF-X (see discussion here). After looking further into the construction I've noticed that the stock limb alignment blocks (T-Blocks) have a very loose fit and allow lateral play of the limb around the dovetail-cylinder. If this part would be machined correctly, it is unfortunately just a matter of time until this area develops play (due to excessive grinding of the limb's steel cylinder against the weaker aluminum T-block when assembling the bow).

W&W seems to be aware of this problem but is currently not able to offer me a proper working solution, which is the reason for this little upgrade I'm offering here as a non-profit project.

This T-block is a 2-piece construction, mainly made from brass (to allow a smooth limb alignment adjustment) and a stainless steel plate which handles the limb's dovetail-cylinder. This plate is securely locked in place and connected by two screws and two dowel pins with the main brass part. The stainless steel plate offers a unique radius design (patent pendingthat always provides lateral support of the limb, regardless of the tiller adjustment. 

The current riser lineup has some slight variation in their T-Block design.
Aluminium and Carbon riser are slightly require a a slightly different option and I'm currently trying to figure out which design works for one riser or the other. Please pick from the options below. If you do not find your riser, please send me a few pictures of the T-blocks (office(at) and I'll most likely be able to offer you the correct one. 

Currently NO option for:
Inno CXT

ATF-X Version fits:
ATF (very likely, still waiting for picture of the original blocks)

Nano TFT Version fits:
Nano TFT


(if you're unsure, feel free to contact me to double check)

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