Plans & Updates 2021


Along with the growing interest in what I'm doing over the last years, I started working more and more long hours, not only that. Every single minute of every single day working felt like an inner hustle. There was and still often is more work waiting than there are hours in a day.

To make a long story short, it hasn't taken that long for early, and also quite serious burnout symptoms to show up. ... multiple times


I've learned two silly metaphorical lessens within the last years:

1. Bigger isn't always better, better is better.

2. It's not necessary to burn your face while attempting to reach for the stars when there's already a chance to glide above the clouds.


Now being married to a very wonderful person, to say the least (Yepp, you've guessed right ;-)), having "responsibilities" for 2 1/2 silly actings but super cute dogs I have also realized that I start liking olives which seems to make me an adult officially. 


Since I'll never really grow up I should at least start to consider a healthier lifestyle in general.


This has lead to the decision that I'm leaving social media to be able to disconnect and live in my own little world while offering a limited range of products and focusing on very few new & exciting projects. Sadly, this decision has also made it necessary to let certain upgrades go that have been hard to keep an overview of in order to focus all time and energy on the solutions remaining. 


If you have noticed any changes around ACD recently, I hope this mail explains the reason why. ;-)


Thank you very much for all the outgoing support, ACD is probably the biggest part of my life and I consider myself very lucky to have such a supportive community around it. I'm looking forward to everything upcoming - You're awesome!


If there's anything I can do for you, just let me know. 


Yours sincerely,

Dennis, + Alissa, Lara & Bailey